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Services we Offer

Direct Recovery Services limited offers a wide variety of debt collection services to recover the money you’re owed. We work with businesses of all sizes in numerous industries. Below are just a few of the services we provide.

Loan Management

Receivables Management

Our consultants draw on their decades of experience to help you develop a receivable management plan that will enhance your company’s cash flow so you have the money you need to grow your business.

Collection Support Operator

Direct Recovery Services Ltd is a collection agency based in Kingston, Jamaica. As a business owner, it’s important to protect your profits for the sake of your company, employees, and family.
Loan Calculation

Debt Collection Training

Our consultants will assist you in creating a concise credit policy and implementing regular collections to maximize your cash flow. We also provide strategies for training your staff in proper invoicing and communication.

Bailiff Services

There is no need to worry, as collection is our business. We are professional debt collectors with over ten years’ experience in the collection industry collecting both commercial and consumer debts for major companies in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Investigation Services

We understand that collecting debts can be a challenging and time-consuming task. That’s why we offer professional debt investigation services to help you recover outstanding debts and get back to focusing on your business.

Judgement Collection

We have years of experience finding and collecting civil judgments. We collect on all types of judgments using all the tools available to us under the law, including putting liens on real estate and non-exempt property, enforcing wage and salary garnishments, and more.

Loan and Credit Card Portfolio Management

You don’t want to invest your time in going to court to get the money that is owed to you because it sounds like too much of a hassle. Should you just settle for losing out on the profits NO, Let’s talk and provide the solution you need moving forward?

Verification Services

We provide comprehensive, accurate employment and document validation to ensure the information provided by the applicant when applying for a loan is accurate. Rest assured you will make the right decision about new business and clients. Our extensive process ensure the right questions are asking, to ensure the data is valid for the life of the loan.

Leading Organization

Top-Rated Debt Recovery Firm

We blend the best in technology tools and collection techniques with the human touch. That means resolving debt cases quickly with responsive client service, advanced communication capabilities and proper sensitivity to your clients situation.

Our professional recovery agents are experienced and trained in debt collection best practices.

Best Strategies

Debts Collection Strategies

We pursue every available strategy to collect your unpaid debts, which includes:
We will get you there

The Partner Your Business Needs

The way we’ve all been taught to do business is suited for a world that no longer exists. Things have changed in such a fundamental way that your focus should be on pivoting your business to adapt to the new world we live in. Direct Recovery Services limited is the partner you need NOW and in the years ahead. Why?  Direct Recovery Services limited frees up your time so that you can focus on your business without any need to oversee the collection of your past due receivables. Do what you do best, and leave the collections to us. Our company’s sole mission is collecting money owed to your business.

Get a consultation today and talk to a company that works hard for its clients.