Tailored Debt Collection

The Solutions For Your Industry

Direct Recovery Services limited has spent years building our expertise across a variety of different industries. Whether you are a property management company, medical provider, or commercial service provider, we can match you with a debt collection specialist who understands your needs and can get you paid.

Effective and Professional

Effective & Professional Debt Collection

We use the latest technology and the most sophisticated tools in the market to make efficient and effective debt collection. To ensure we provide the results you are looking for.

Debt collectors you can count on.

What We’re Offering

Experience Collection Services.

You are busy enough with new and existing customers. Don’t get bogged down chasing those few that don’t pay on time. Let our expert agents handle this aspect of your business so you can continue to focus on growing! Turn to Direct Recovery Services limited, for safe and effective resolutions to your debt collection needs, and know that your accounts will be resolved effectively. Our debt collection services allow you to get paid promptly, freeing up time for more important things.
We Get It Right

Experience Matters

When you choose Direct Recovery Services limited as your debt collection managers, you can rest assured that your receivables are being managed by veterans in the debt collection industry. Direct Recovery Services limited has experience in many niche industries such as: medical and dental, finance, education, home owner associations, auto, banking, small business and many more.
Legal Support

Legal Support For Debt Collection

We understand that choosing the right collection agency can be difficult. Of all things we understand money does not grow on trees. We will work diligently to get your debt recovered in a timely fashion by using all of the resources at our disposal to facilitate a resolution.